'I wasn't sure what to expect. You surpassed my expectations.'

I see my public speaking engagements to be more than a simple keynote or guest
appearance - I see them as one part of a growing relationship with my audience where I
encourage feedback, build communities of support and start conversations.

I want to engage beyond the conversation, to open doors into behaviours and attitudes
within work and life that sit beyond the mainstream - and as you’ll see, my speaking
engagements are precisely un-traditional, because what I do, who I am and how I’ve
developed my mentoring and brand consultancy networks are un-traditional.

In-person or Online Public Speaking Events

  • I am available for in-person and online public speaking engagements, and can
    adaptable to any audience or setting.
  •  What you get with me no matter the format is honest, real talk, from a passionate
    people-person with a long path behind her of barrier-breaking and business success.
  • You can read more about my media commitments and multimedia engagements on
    my media page

Keynote Speaking

  • The anchor of any speaking event is the Keynote, and as a passionate communicator
    and avid public speaker, you can rest assured your event will be led by, anchored by
    and enthused by my keynote speaking.
  • My public speaking and keynote content often falls within the categories I have direct
    experience with - diversity, corporate strategies, people management, beating
    adversity, confidence and identity building, and succeeding against the odds - I can
    adapt my keynote direction to any brief!
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