• An advocate for the underrepresented

  • A public speaker on a mission

  • A professional with a story to tell

Hi, and welcome to my wonderful world!

If you’re here, it means you’re looking for something that other consultants, coaches or
speakers don’t offer.

I’m a public speaker, story teller, coach, mentor and humanitarian on a humble mission to help those brand founders and owners find their purpose, tell their story and exceed expectations in a fast changing, disrupted world.

I help those who feel like their stories aren’t being told, and through a mix of coaching and mentoring, image and personal consultancy I help bring clarity to the fog of business
ownership and management.

I’ve spent nearly two decades working as an executive recruiter and elite concierge business owner, and I’ve learnt what it takes to stay focused and grounded in a working world where
success feels out of reach, where business and career help seems irrelevant and where mentors are impossible to find.

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Truth Talker

Public Speaker

Coach & Mentor

I offer Public Speaking and Mentoring with a difference:

  • Everything I teach is born from experience
  • Every story I tell is born from my love of what I do
  • Every part of me wants to give back to the communities that held me up when I was figuring out who I was as a young woman,
  • Every mentee will get the support I wish I had received in my formative years, grounded in real life experiences and expectations.

You can find out everything you need to know about my public speaking engagements and media work on my Public Speaking and you can find out more about my Coaching and Mentoring work on my Coaching page!

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