'I wasn't sure what to expect. You surpassed my expectations.'

Branding is everything, but it does not develop or expand in a silo. It requires strategic care,
hard work, an eye for your market and investment of time, energy and, yes, money.

I’m here to make sure your efforts to create or reinvent your brand are hyper-targeted, and worth every inch of sweat and penny spent.

My Brand consultancy services cover two distinct, but intertwined, areas - personal branding
and corporate branding.

Personal Branding

  • I’m a firm proponent of first impressions: I believe you don’t get second chances to make an impact.
  • This is why personal branding - your whole personal package from appearance, to mannerisms, speech, style and business approach - is your secret tool in turning heads, making an impact and meeting your goals.
  • I can help develop the discipline and direction for your personal development to create an elite personal brand both online, and in-person.

Corporate Branding

  • How visible is your brand? How attractive is your value proposition? Are your sales and marketing teams misaligned? Are you finding customer or stakeholder communications difficult? Is your work culture underdeveloped?
  • To create brand envy, you need to create brand visibility. To create that, you need to curate a culture of support, purpose, personality and passion, and you need to diligently apply it to every facet of your business, from intern to CEO.
  • I will teach you, give you the tools, and help you build this strategy.
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